Walk to Oliphant Estate Manager’s Bungalow

Situated at the heart of The Oliphant Estate, the Estate Managers Bungalow is a brisk 30 minute walk away from the villa. The journey takes you along winding pathways set in misty hills cloaked by endless expanses of tea.


The walk to the bungalow is far from mundane, with every turn you take you’re bound to happen upon something new. These winding roads take you past fields where locals grow fresh vegetables and a school within the estate dedicated to the children of those tasked with keeping the estate running, among a host of other things.


Occasionally you’d hear rhythmic chants and the clanging of bells as individuals offer prayers to their respective deities at the temples within the estate. Those lucky enough would also see the mist as it slowly makes its way across the hills and at any given point you may find yourself walking through it.

Sooner than expected you will find yourself at the bungalow where the most endearing surprise awaits in the form of a furry and friendly dog named ‘Hero’. Enjoy a hot cup of tea while the Manager fills you in on the estate’s rich history while Hero moves from person to person demanding attention as all little dogs do.

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