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Horton Plains

60MIN from The Langdale Boutique Hotel

With multiple trails interwoven within each other, the Hortain Plains National Park covers a massive 3160 hectares of a diverse geography such as grasslands, forests and plateaus. The park is home to a number of waterfalls including Baker’s Falls and Slab Rock Falls with scenic attractions such as Mini World’s End and World’s End dotting this mist-laden wonderland.


Along your journey you will see some incredible flora and fauna unique to this moorland. One of the most famous animals you will spot in this region is the Sri Lankan sambar deer grazing in the grasslands, some of whom you’d notice with their magnificent antlers and some without.


The best time to start your hike is early morning. We will arrange for you to be dropped at the entrance to the park, and you can make your way through the trails guided along the way through landmarks, trail signs and other hikers (with or without a guide). Depending on which trail you select and how fast you walk, you may take upto one to three hours depending on which trail you take, to cover the circuit. We recommend you take it slow, absorb the scenery, rest when you’re tired and spend some time at each attraction. Swimming at the waterfalls in the Horton Plains are prohibited as it can be dangerous. Please also be mindful not to take any polythene or plastic into the park as the park authorities don’t take kindly to littering and in fact, check your bags before you enter the park.


So pull down your jerseys, roll your scarves and get ready for a refreshing trail into one of Sri Lanka’s most picturesque landscapes.

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