Villa 700

Known to be one of the most charming villas in Bentota, exuding tropical charm and complemented with all modern amenities. The space is easily converted into a breezy open-plan living room from where you can go straight for a swim into the crystal-clear water of the swimming pool.

Accommodation at Villa 700


Lavishly adorned cocoons of delight are waiting to enthrall you upon the sandy shores of Induruwa! Relax in a stylish Sri Lanka private pool villa and enjoy an idyllic beach vacation at Villa 700. We offer four types of rooms that are fitted with a range of modern amenities, exclusively for your luxurious indulgence

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We are known as a family friendly villa with spacious rooms which can easily accommodate extra beds. Our suite can accommodate 2 extra beds which makes it ideal for larger families with adult or smaller children

We have two rooms on the ground floor with direct access to the dining room. However it is not specifically built for differently able guests. 

Yes we do give out the whole villa which is 5 rooms. You can get in touch with our reservations for special rates if you are looking for a buyout of the property.

We do not have the facility of chauffeur accommodation at the property, however we would assist you to book lodging for the chauffeur at a cost in a nearby location. We recommend you book ahead during the season.

Yes it is safe to swim right in front of the property. However the safest period to swim in the sea is  during November to April season

Bentota is 10 minutes’ drive from the villa. Water sports are popular in Bentota, you can visit the Brief Garden, Kande Vihara Temple and go on a boat safari on the Madhu River.

It is easy, with plenty of tuk tuks. (Cash only and always negotiate price before getting in). Be sure to ask our villa team and they will arrange the tuk tuk for you.

Most of the Bars & restaurants are in Bentota. There is an Italian restaurant right next-door to our villa. Our favorite spots-Osteria Romana & Malli’s SeaFood restaurant

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