Venture into the mountains

Trek in Hanthana

10 mins from The Hanthana Boutique Villa

Take the time to get to know the mountains that you see from our location on an enticing Kandy sightseeing tour. The Hanthana mountain range consists of seven peaks that you can climb, and depending how long you want your hike to be, you can choose to make it one that takes the whole day or one that you can do in a few hours. With the Kandy town disappearing from one side, and the greenery of the mountain expanding as you proceed, your eyes will get accustomed to seeing nothing but greenery, blue skies, and diverse landscapes on all sides.

After a day of exploring the range, on your way back, you will notice that you’re not only refreshed, but with a changed perspective of the smaller details that add to the uniqueness of nature and everyday life.

Venture into the mountains

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