Celebrate centuries old carvings

Visit the Embekka Devalaya

35 mins from The Hanthana Boutique Villa

Travel back in time to an era where art was a gift to the gods. Home to some of the most intricate wooden carvings done by Sri Lankans artists dating back as far as the 14th century BC AD 1357 – 1374, is the Embekke Devalaya, one of the magnificent places to see in Kandy. Consisting of three main buildings Drummers’ Hall, Dancing Hall and Sanctum of Ganga, the temple is a dedication to the local deity of Kataragama. Within the halls, you will see over 500 well-preserved and detailed carvings of flowers, mythical animals, decorative patterns, characters and events of the time.

Today, after so many years, the temple and its art stand as a reminder of the remarkable talent, craftsmanship and patience that the craftsmen of the Kandyan era possessed to be able to carve such complex patterns onto thick timber.

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